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Medical Supplies & Equipments
General medical disposables, wheelchairs, commodes and other personal care products. We're here to cater the products to keep you in the pink of health.
Box B New Fiarst Aid KIT-30.5 X 12 X 21CM LC-FA-BOX-B-NEW
AU $140.77
Alcare First Aid Box Content B (mom) or Refill Set
AU $91.81
First Aid Box Type A
AU $70.38
Alcare First Aid Box Content a (mom) or Refill Set
AU $73.30
First Aid Kit MOM Box A
AU $79.43
Alcare First Aid Box for Office Use
AU $37.69
Assure Isolation Gown Blue 30g Knitted Cuff 7M034
AU $3.57
Assure Absorbent White Cotton Roll 400g (7m-035-abs)
AU $4.04
45 Litres Medical Yellow Plastic Foot Pedal Step-On Bin for Biohazard Waste
AU $75.41
42L Biohazard Waste Yellow Labeled Step Pedal Bin (free Delivery)
AU $55.30
3-ply Disposable Face Mask (blue)
AU $3.92
Labtech Tongue Depressor, Wooden (100pcs/box)
AU $2.72
Assure Mortar & Pestle Ceramic 7M097
AU $5.27
Assure Commode Chair Stainless Steel, Daf, AR0201
AU $253.39
3m Littmann Classic Iii Stethoscope 27" Lavender 5832
AU $130.72
Lifeline Height Adjustable Stationary Geriatric Chair With Tray
AU $532.91
Professional Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitor
AU $109.95
AU $150.82
Proteger 99.9% Antibacterial Reusable Mask (adult)
AU $4.93
3-Layer Children Disposable Face Mask 50pcs/box
AU $7.54
Eco Sam Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizer - 60 Ml - 75% Alcohol
AU $3.02
Edinborough 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks - Tüv Süd Certified (50 Pcs)
AU $9.05
Hand Sanitizer (5 Litre) -70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Disinfectant
AU $40.12
3-Layer Disposable Face Mask 50pcs/box
AU $7.54