3m Led P1600 Polarizing Task Light Lamp White ( Wireless )
3m Led P1600 Polarizing Task Light Lamp White ( Wireless )
Model:P1600 WHITE
Product Description
  • Good lighting in all corners!
  • P1600 is the first ever 3M wireless LED lamp.
  • Coupled with its light weight, the P1600 is extremely portable, giving you the ease and convenience of having good lighting wherever you want.
  • You will no longer be restricted by the length of your wire or the presence of power sockets.
  • Besides that, P1600 has a long battery lifespan of up to 24 hours*, allowing you to work long hours without disruption.
  • Just like all 3M’s LED Lamp, the P1600 is equipped with 3M’s proprietary Polarizing Filter Technology to reduce glare and protect your eyes.
  • With a high luminance of 880 Lux, the P1600 provides optimal luminance for your work on laptop, for studying and reading.
  • With 5-brightness level, now you can easily adjust the lighting to suit your different needs.
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