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Hioki Ac Voltage Detector 3120

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Model: 3120
Brand: HIOKI

Product Details

Hioki leads the industry in non-metallic contact test and measurement technology that promotes safety on the worksite. The 3120 is a non-metallic contact voltage detector with a power switch that also gives a clear indication of the battery state with a green LED. When voltage is detected, the LED lights red along with an audio signal.
CAT IV 1000 V

Key Features
Top “primary supply level” safety class rating for voltage detectors
CAT IV 1000 V design meets CE Mark qualifications
Continuously indicate battery status with green indicator lamp
Both visual and audible voltage detection indication
Automatic power switching prevents battery discharge

Basic specifications
Measurement function Voltage detection
Measurement voltage 70 to 1000 VAC, 50/60 Hz (when in contact with an IV 2 mm^2 or equivalent insulated wire)
Pilot light The red LED lights up and the buzzer sounds when the wire is live
Battery check Green LED
Power supply R03 (AAA) manganese or LR03 (AAA) alkaline battery ×2, Continuous use: 200 hr (using the LR03 batteries)
Dimensions and mass 149 mm (5.87 in)H × φ 18.5 mm (0.73 in), 38 g (1.3 oz)
Accessories Instruction manual ×1, R03 (AAA) manganese battery ×2 (for trial purposes only)

If a malfunction is suspected

Although the following phenomena, which are unavoidable in the detection principle, can be observed, the instrument has no malfunction.
Phenomenon The instrument incorrectly detects metalware including steel desks as live.
Cause Metalware close to AC power may charge AC potential (induced potential) to ground due to the influence of electrostatic capacitance, resulting in incorrectly detecting. Phenomenon If the instrument is rapidly moved closer to or away from non-live circuits or DC circuits, the instrument detects live state temporarily..
Cause The non-live circuits or DC circuits may charge static electricity, temporarily resulting in incorrectly detecting.


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