Masksafe Surgical Mask 3 Ply (made in Sg + Hsa Certified)
Masksafe Surgical Mask 3 Ply (made in Sg + Hsa Certified)
Model:Face Mask
Technical Data Sheets
Product Description

MASKSAFE MASK - Class A Medical Grade Mask!

  • Mask made in Singapore, produced in Controlled Environment audited by HSA
  • Mask are certified by TÜV and HSA approved license. ( ES0500981 )
  • 50 pieces of Mask per box, packed in 10s per pack -> having it clean and no foul smell !
  • Mask is easy to breath! Certified by TÜV SÜD !
  • Quality Mask with high % of PFE and BFE !
  • Made with ideal thickness for our weather while providing the best protection,
  • Product sent for QC hence no flimsy strings on Mask ear loops.

Measurements -

Mask is 17.5cm X 9.5cm, when extended it measures 18cm X 15cm

Nose clip is made of metal

Visit www.masksafe.asia for better clarity!

PROMOTION (While stocks last, first come first serve!)

  • Free Ziplock bags with every box purchase (these bags are to keep your used Mask temporarily)

For further enquiries, feel free to contact us! +65 8five98 nine9two8

Thank you and Stay Safe!

AU $7.17
(exc. GST)
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