Paper Divider A4 Colour 5-Part - CCA45
Paper Divider A4 Colour 5-Part - CCA45
Product Description

CCA4-5 A4 5-Part iFax Colour Paper Dividers

The file dividers, index dividers, subject dividers or the multi-colour dividers with tabs are mainly made of paper or cardboard, be it white, brown or grey. Another type is made of PP materials which are usually grey or white or multi-colour. The purpose of the dividers is to make it easy to classify and categorise your documents, research papers, and other subject matters. It also enables easy retrieval and reference. They are easily identified by colours, index tabs with numbers or alphabets or wordings. At the same time, they offer a professional and sleek appearance to your folder/binder and help you to keep your documents neat and tidy. The majority of dividers are of A4 size and they are euro-punched with 11-hole standard and are suitable to be used in 2-ring, 3-ring and 4-ring binder.

Our iFax Colour Paper Dividers uses a 120gm paper sheet. These dividers are pure colour paper and are euro punched with 11 holes and have a front paper index sheet for recording/labelling usage. Overall, these dividers are easy to use, improve work efficiency, provide clear classification and finally comfortable to use and touch.

The iFax 5C five colour paper dividers, CCA45 is a 5-part divider and is made of 5 different coloured papers and is for general purpose usage. The technical data:

  • Paper file index divider
  • Material: 120g Coloured Paper
  • Individually packed in a reusable OPP bag
  • Multi-hole: For 2-ring, 3-ring & 4-ring files
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