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Pte Label Cloth Tape

Brand: Pte Label

Product Details

PTE Label Cloth Tape

The tape is useful for various purposes such as bandages, sealing walls, electrical and plumbing tasks. The most common form of cloth tape would be the iconic duct tape. Duct tape has performed well-enough in universal applications that it has supplanted its original construction and abilities as a seam-sealer for HVAC operations.


  • Cloth backing to make it durable and flexible
  • High strength reputation from the use of industrial fabrics
  • Heat resistance
  • Insulation
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Breathability


  • Brand: PTE Label
  • Product Type: Cloth Tape

Available Size:

  • SKU: TAPE-CLOTH-24MM-YLW - 24 mm x 7 m - Yellow
  • SKU: TAPE-CLOTH-36MM-BLK - 36 mm x 7 m - Black
  • SKU: TAPE-CLOTH-48MM-BLK - 48 mm x 7 m - Black
  • SKU: TAPE-CLOTH-48MM-Blue - 48 mm x 7 m - Blue
  • SKU: TAPE-CLOTH-48MM-Red - 48 mm x 7 m - Red
  • SKU: TAPE-CLOTH-48MM-YLW - 48 mm x 7 m - Yellow


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