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QAC Kleen Concentrated Qac Based Disinfectant - Microbial Virucidal

Model: QAC Kleen
Brand: Consolidated

Product Details

QAC Kleen
Concentrated QAC Disinfectant - suitable for disinfecting against coronaviruses 
1 to 100 parts dilution with water

Product Description:
QAC Kleen is a concentrated QAC disinfectant effective against coronaviruses, viruses and bacteria. It contains 8% benzalkonium chloride disinfectant. Suitable for mopping, spraying, wiping on hard surfaces to sanitize. Other uses include soak sanitising, foot baths, sanitising washdown, hard surface wiping and food factories. Effective dilution up to 100 parts of water to 1 part

Areas of Use:
QAC Kleen is suitable for use in all commercial and light industrial sectors. It is recommended for hotels, country clubs, condos, offices, shopping malls, cinemas, halal establishments.

Directions to use:
Can be diluted up to 100 parts water. Mop, spray or wipe down with diluted solution to disinfect and sanitize areas


  • Can be diluted to 100 parts dilution with water, with a concentration of 0.08% Benzalkonium Chloride to disinfect against coronaviruses, viruses, and bacteria
  • Concentrated, alcohol-free disinfectant, making it suitable for use at Halal food establishments too
  • Non-toxic, safe to use after dilution
  • Concentrated for greater economy
  • Great for disinfection of surfaces and infection control


  • 4 x 5L Carton
  • 25 Litre Drum

Call 68616328 for info

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