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Ryobi Hammer, 1050w, CH470

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Model: CH470
Brand: RYOBI

Product Details

  • Professional concrete hammer
  • Built-in handle and barrel shock absorber decreases the vibration
  • Quick retainer enables the bull point to be easily changed
  • Automatic cut off brush for longer tool life
  • Grease packed lubrication provides long operation without special maintenance
  • Durable alumnium die cast components are used in major parts
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Free flight percussion hammer absorbs vibration and recoil
  • Shock dampers between handle and casing to prevent user fatigue
  • External brush caps for easy maintenance
  • In plastic carry case for easy transportation
  • Ideal for chipping off tiles and smoothing uneven plaster and concrete surfaces


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AU $354.02

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