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Union Tool End Mill 4 Flute 2-6 Shk

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Model: HMES SP 4020-0500
Brand: Union Tool

Product Details

Union Tools End Mill 4 Flute 2-6 SHK HMES SP 4020-0500 (60HRC)

The shank taper angle shown is not an exact value and to avoid contact with the work piece, we recommend the user controls the precise value of this angle. Shank taper angle should not make
contact with the work piece.


  • Outside Diameter : 2 mm
  • Length of Cut : 5 mm
  • Shank Taper Angle Bta :16 °
  • Overall Length : 45 mm
  • Shank Diameter : 4 mm
  • Hardened steel : 60 HRC


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AU $25.18

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