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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Dewalt Apprentice 2 Honey Com Src Pro Pu Comfort Shoes
AU $148.66
Bata Bickz 304 Boa Grey/black Nubuck Shoe Size 7/41
AU $138.27
Sy Pvc Safety Boot Yellow With Steel Toe Cap
AU $8.00
Bata Bickz 304 Boa Grey/black Nubuck Shoe Size 4/37 (716-27278)
AU $138.27
Dewalt Millington Rigger Brown Src Pro Pu Comfort Boots
AU $175.69
Krushers Safety Shoe Florida Black 296159
AU $48.03
S-433L Hood Single Pack
AU $272.38
3m Wp96 Visor Clear
AU $9.15
Accsafe Faceshield for Helmet FSH01
AU $9.36
3M Hard Hat H-701V
AU $22.87
H8a Headgear With Ratchet
AU $45.74
Bullard Aboveview Full-brim Hard Hat With Interchangeable Clear Front Brim
AU $61.34
High Visibility Reflective Gear Security Safety Belt Strap
AU $2.86
High Visibility Safety Vest With Reflective, Pocket, Key Ring & Id Tag
AU $6.24
Kkh Pocket Safety Vest
AU $4.99
3M Night Safety Green Vest V10S2
AU $12.37
Hy Safety Vest With Stripe HY-11
AU $2.18
Hi Safety Vest With Pockets
AU $15.59
Worksafe Argon Cowhide Leather Glove Yellow
AU $6.52
3m Comfort Grip Glove
AU $5.72
Worksafe® Disposable Nitrile Glove 30.48cm (100pcs/box)
AU $17.67
Green Nitrile Gloves
AU $5.40
Worksafe® Disposable Nitrile Glove 22.8cm (100pcs/box)
AU $16.63
Worksafe Neochem Neoprene Glove Dark Blue 33cm
AU $7.55
Bouton 7700 Vs Plus Safety Eyewear/spectacles
AU $7.28
Ingco Safety Goggles
AU $2.39
Worksafe KUIPER E3045 Hard Coat Lens
AU $82.13
3m Safety Goggles 1623AF
AU $16.63
Worksafe A-Wing E171 Silver/black Frame - Hard Coat / Indoor / Outdoor
AU $46.78
Worksafe® Astronix E302 Goggle - Indirect Vent With Pc Antifog Lens
AU $21.83
Sling Polyester 250mm X 3m 10 Ton Bemax
AU $79.01
Rope Lanyard W/pn-113 & Pn-131
AU $38.47
Toho Rescue Tripod - 200kg
AU $738.12
2Ton Toho Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 1M
AU $3.64
1Ton Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 1M
AU $2.60
1Ton / 1 Ton Toho Webbing Sling/Webbing Sling X 2M
AU $3.12
Face Shield / Faceshield Protective Clear Film Premium Quality
AU $1.40
Elvex Clear Molded Lexan Face Shield With Chin Protector FS-18L-CP
AU $37.74
Protective Face Shield- (full Face) Professional
AU $2.08
Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield / Splash Shield With Sponge
AU $2.70
Elvex Clear Polycarbonate Molded Face Shield 8inch X 12inch FS-12PC
AU $13.72
Protective Face Shield/visor - for F&b/daily Usage
AU $1.87